Frequently asked questions

Whether you've worked with designers before or not these are some of our most common questions our clients want to know about working with us. 

I have no idea where to start. Can you help?

Commencing a big project is a daunting task and knowing where to start can be one of the biggest challenges. That’s where we come in. Hunt & Design can manage the entire process on your behalf, with as much or as little involvement from our clients as they desire.


We work with draftspeople and architects to conceptualise your renovation and submit any required Development Application (or similar) documentation. Then we work with you to develop the detailed designs, material and furniture selections for each space.


We also work closely with a highly skilled team of contractors, engaged early in the design development process, who can provide quotes and undertake all proposed works.


What do I need to do before we meet? Do I need Pinterest boards?

There’s not too much you need to do before we meet as we explore many areas during our initial consultation. We just ask that you share your anticipated timeframe and project budget with us.


What’s most important is that all key decision makers are present in our first meeting.


We always love to see your inspiration images – whether via Pinterest, magazines or photos – but these aren’t critical for our first meeting.


At Hunt & Design, it’s about knowing our values are aligned and that we can meet your timeframes.


When should I engage a designer?

The best time to engage us really depends upon your scope of works, and current project stage.


Our clients most often engage us nine months prior to work commencing on-site to allow for council/certifier approvals, builder/contractor schedules and supplier lead times.


However, there have also been occasions where we have been engaged just four weeks prior to the builder commencing, and we have successfully met all deadlines!


Every project is different, each with its unique challenges, but we are always ready to meet them.


I already have plans drawn up by an architect or draftsperson. Where does an interior designer fit in?

We are very happy to work with your existing set of plans.


It’s the detail that elevates the design and ensures it reflects each client’s style and personality.


This is where Hunt & Design fit in. We design the detail - from bespoke joinery and surfaces to the curation of colours, tapware and tiles - making sure every aspect of your home is considered.


Is hiring a designer expensive?

Your home is your biggest asset. When you choose to invest in this asset, the value an interior designer brings is experienced throughout the process, not just in the finished result.


Our clients appreciate good design and value quality craftsmanship, but they are also busy people who cannot be overly caught up with the day-to-day issues that arise during construction.


For renovation work, our fees generally fall within 6-8% of the overall project cost. This sum covers the key project stages – concept and design development, documentation package, design management during the build, installation and handover.


What is involved in ‘Design Management’? Can’t I just do that?

During the construction phase of any project, unforeseen surprises will always occur.


Designs may need to be updated or modified, multiple queries are raised and solved daily and the timely procurement of goods and checking of orders in line with the builder’s schedule is paramount.


As a full service design business, we seamlessly manage all of the above, ensuring our clients are happy and that any grievances are managed.


We also hold regular meetings with each of our trades before, during and after their work is completed to ensure a high quality standard is always delivered.


I only need a bit of advice and direction to complete the look of my home. Can you help casually?

Yes, we can. We offer 10-hour blocks of time where we assist clients with spatial planning, initial ideas for spaces, colour recommendations and furniture layouts. This is also helpful for clients who are working on a renovation themselves and just need advice on key areas throughout the process.


This is charged at the Head Designer fee of $220/hour, payable in advance.


At this stage we are unable to accompany clients to showrooms to source one-off pieces, nor do we use this time to develop entire room schemes. Such work is instead priced on an initial quote basis.


There are so many designers out there. How do I know you are the one for me?

That is a question only you will know, but we hope our process helps you feel confident to move forward with us :)


We commence every relationship with a phone call, followed by an initial consultation and other early project meetings to ensure both parties feel comfortable, and that we can work well together.


We strongly believe that the best design is achieved when client and designer openly collaborate and workshop ideas. It should never be a one-sided approach.

It is your home; it must feel that way!


Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to book in an initial consult!

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