Hunt & Design is an interior design studio dedicated in creating beautifully sophisticated spaces for our clients through maintaining a focus on quality, style and beauty. 


Our aim is to deliver designs which transcend trends and enable our clients to live their best life through respecting the inherit nature of their home.

We do this by understanding our clients and developing a respectful rapport. Our design process is collaborative but wedded in pushing the fundamental elements of design which ensure the final result is one that fits perfectly in its environment and captures our clients’ individuality. 

Maryann Schmidt is the principal interior designer and founder of Hunt & Design. She prides herself on developing strong relationships with her clients, honing in on how they live and designing accordingly.


Our Hunt & Design headquarters consists of interiors designers and a studio assistant all whom are passionate about design. We share the same fundamental belief that design is 70% problem solving and 30% creative and it is this practical, yet playful, mindset which delivers designs our client don’t expect.




Photography by: Amanda Prior